Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XIII : Dallas Edition


Last week, Dallas was hit with the Icepocalypse. Seriously, everything was frozen for three days. Then, on Friday it snowed, and with what meteorologists estimated at 2-4 inches, we got more like 6-8 inches! And for people in Texas, that’s basically like having a blizzard. Everything just shuts down, schools close, UPS is rendered useless, and people go stir crazy.

Luckily, by Saturday afternoon, most of the snow (and more importantly ice) was melted and Cent and I were able to venture out of the house and attend the 13th Annual Gridiron Hoops game – a celebrity basketball game that happens during every SuperBowl weekend.

Along with fellow photographer Kelly Rucker, we were asked to take some photos of the event, and while I’m hardly a sports photographer, it was pretty fun. The game was help at Southern Methodist University’s Moody Coliseum and I think everyone in attendance was just happy to get out of their homes!

Victory Water Gridiron Hoops XIII

Southern Methodist University Moody Coliseum

Dallas Cowboys: Felix Jones and Dez Bryant.

Felix Jones and Dez Bryant

The boxer, Floyd Mayweather, who is scurred of fighting my countryman, Manny Pacquiao. Just sayin’!

Floyd Mayweather playing Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XIII Dallas Catie Ronquillo Photography

Terrell Owens and Chris Brown.

Terrell Owens and Chris Brown Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XIII

Tracey Morgan was watching the game too.

Tracey Morgan Terrell Owens Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XIII

Yes, that IS Jamie Foxx!

Jamie Foxx Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XIII

Jamie Foxx Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XIII

Chris Brown Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XIII Dallas

Okay, I have a confession to make. When Boris Kodjoe walked into the coliseum, I felt my stomach drop. Of the few celebrities that I’ve wanted to meet, he is certainly on the list! I can already hear Cent saying “Booooooooooo” for me writing this, but oh well. And I’m really sad his show Undercovers was canceled. And a photo with Jon Sprinkle – husband of Jenn Sprinkle of CRAVE coordinating awesomeness.

Boris Kodjoe Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XIII Dallas Catie Ronquillo Photography

Floyd Mayweather Tracey Morgan Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XIII

The Black Team won… I can’t remember if they were AFC or NFC.

Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XIII

I believe this kid’s name is DJ Baby Chino – and I heard that he’s in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the youngest DJ.

DJ Baby Chino

And retired NBA player and 1986 All Star Dunk Champion, Spud Webb.

Spud Webb Floyd Mayweather Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XIII

Huge thanks to Kelly Rucker for the following photo!

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday evening after the Dallas Icepocalypse 2011!

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  • Reply Anna Kim Photography 02.09.2011 at 1:43 pm

    What an incredible experience! Nice clicking! :)

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    You are like an officially celebrity in TX!!!

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    Looks like a great time!

  • Reply Denise Conrad 02.09.2011 at 10:09 pm

    I would say that was a very good night! How fun!

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    I gotta admit; I’m sorta jealous of that last photo :)

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