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I remember when I used to think that 21 was old. It was that age when you were finally old enough to do all the things that had age limits. (Well, except rent a car.) You were old enough to drive. Old enough to vote. Old enough to buy a lottery ticket. And finally old enough to order a cocktail at a restaurant or play at the Roulette table. It’s like the final milestone that you hit before you’re officially an adult.

My sister is an adult today.

It’s weird for me to write that! See, we’re seven years apart, so it’s taken her a while to hit all the milestones after I did. When she was born, I was almost seven and she was my real, live doll. I used to dress her up, tie my sneakers to her ankles as shoes, make her wear funky early 90’s bandanas, and put too-big sunglasses on her face. She was doll, who also happened to be my sister.

I used to have to drive her places – to school, to ballet, to the movies. And then she started driving and would drive me places – the mall, the movies, the airport. Then she started college, and all the while I sometimes still imagine her as my little baby sister, the real, live doll. With the huge eyes. (She has since grown into her eyes) And today, she turns 21. She can order a drink with a little pink umbrella and try her hand at the slot machines in Vegas. She’s officially an adult. (I believe our parents are taking her to a casino this weekend!)

Happy Birthday, Steph!

Crazy sister photobooth photo san francisco

And since it’s her birthday, and I get to brag on her, she’s also a Food Science super-genius who’s been acing her way through college. Straight A’s!!

Love you sister!

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  • Reply Michelle Simpson 01.18.2011 at 1:23 pm

    Happy birthday to her! Sounds like a fun degree for sure!

  • Reply viv @ the eclectic life 04.18.2011 at 7:21 am

    this is seriously precious!

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