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I remember when I first received the email. It was in July, and I was driving home from somewhere. And being the compulsive email-checker that I am, when I saw Jenn’s message about participating in a book for local women entrepreneurs, I was so in. I sat there in the car (July, mind you!) and furiously typed a message on my iPhone to Jenn asking for more information.

The project was CRAVE: The Urban Girl’s Manifesto.

October and November last year flew by in a blur, as Jenn and I must have exchanged hundreds of emails setting up shoots, delivering files to the editors, and working out bumps in the road. And then of course, shooting twenty five of the spreads! It was so amazing to meet so many women entrepreneurs with a myriad of different businesses. I photographed a wide variety of occupations, including a dentist, a lawyer, an artist, friends from the wedding industry, a boutique owner, and a bookkeeper to name a few.

I’m super excited and honored to have been part of this project along with fellow photographers Michelle Parks of Elle Parks Photography, Cindy Mills of Cindy and Saylor Photographers, Kelly Rucker Photography, and Amy Karp Photography.

And…I’m in the book, too! For shooting twenty five spreads, I worked my way into the book (literally!) and if you get a copy in your hands, you can find me on pages 38-39.

CRAVE Dallas The Urban Girl's Manifesto Catie Ronquillo Photography Weddings

CRAVE Dallas The Urban Girl's Manifesto Catie Ronquillo Photography Weddings

CRAVE Dallas The Urban Girl's Manifesto Catie Ronquillo Photography Weddings

I have to thank Jenn Sprinkle of Waxpaper Design House for getting me involved in the CRAVE project as well as tirelessly pouring her heart and soul into making this project come to life. She is amazing and you may have seen her on the blog! I did a Beloved session for her and her husband Jon right before the holidays. Thank you Jenn, this would not have been possible without you. And we were all excited to find out that this city edition of CRAVE is the largest in history! Woo hoo!

If you’re interested in a copy of the book, contact me below!

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  • Reply Kira 01.26.2011 at 2:14 pm

    Congratulations Catie! That’s so absolutely exciting… I can only imagine how I’d feel if that were me! Sounds like a really fun project to be a part of :)

  • Reply Jess Hodge 01.26.2011 at 3:43 pm

    Catie!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you girl! This is so super awesome! Just think of where you were 2 years ago with everything:) you really seized your dreams:)

  • Reply Shayla 01.27.2011 at 12:13 pm

    Congratulations Catie!! What a great opportunity & project to be apart!

  • Reply Jessica Price 01.27.2011 at 1:02 pm

    Congrats- that is so great! :)

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