Thankful for Technology


This was the first Christmas that I’ve missed. Missed being at home with my family, that is.

Even when I studied abroad in France, I came home for Christmas. When I was working at Disneyworld, my parents and sister came to Florida to spend Christmas with me. This year, we’re spending Christmas in Georgia with Cent’s family, and while I miss my family dearly, I’m happy to spend time with my new family. Oh, and eat my mother-in-law’s delicious food.

But thanks to technology, I got to see my family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. iChat made it super easy! We talked about what we feasted on and what Santa brought us. Just because we’re not in the same place at the same time, doesn’t mean we couldn’t have a photo together.

Then, we thought about calling our cousins in Massachusetts. While we couldn’t make iChat Theater work (our cousins were running on a PC…), I was able to Facetime with them on the iPhone 4 and chat with my sister on iChat. Then my sister took a screenshot. Creative family photo, eh?

ichat + facetime photo

Thanks to technology, we’ll never be but a phone call or online chat away. And there’s something extra special when you can see the person you’re talking to. Like they’re not really that far away.

And to me, the holidays aren’t over until we ring in the New Year. Cheers to the last week in 2010!

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