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I remember she had a few nicknames growing up. The ones that come to mind are Prince and Peanut Head. I always liked Peanut Head.

I was the first grandchild. And she, the second. She was always louder, braver, bolder, and wigglier. I would walk. She would run. I would sit, she would swing from the chandelier (if it was allowed). I have a vague memory of her running around with a cape fashioned from a blanket and a cardboard sword. At five, she was ready to take the world by storm. And even now that we’re adults (oh, that is weird to write!), she is still blazing a trail for herself in Brooklyn. That’s New York, in case you didn’t know. :)

My cousin, Mercy Bell, is a talented folk singer/songwriter, making her way in Brooklyn. She grew up on San Diego and Massachusetts, and is 110% full of heart. Like seriously, she’s the type of person who can talk to anyone, and that stranger? They walk away with a new friend. She’s just awesome.

And now, you have a chance to help make a dream come to life. For the last few years, she’s been writing and singing in local coffee shops and bars – from NYC to Boston to San Francisco (at a show the day after our wedding!). But with limited resources, she’s only been able to cut a few DIY demos…which are not exactly album quality. So here’s how YOU can help. Help my cousin, Mercy Bell record an EP. And maybe get free stuff!

Pledge from $1 to however much you’d like! Every little bit helps, and as you make your pledge, your money is only taken if the project is FULLY funded.

Thanks! And Happy Holidays!

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