Hello December


I blinked, and suddenly it was December. Where did November go? Anyone with me on this?!

However, with today marking December 1st, that means I can bust out the Christmas tree and add some holiday cheer to our home. Last year we were able to put the Christmas tree in the dining room as we did not have any dining room furniture. This year it’s getting relocated. Haven’t quite decided where.

To me, the holidays are defined with Christmas cards, holiday parties, eating good food, giving gifts, and spending time with wonderful people. And I have a feeling that our holidays will be filled to the brim with these qualities.

Last night I was tinkering in Photoshop and browsing cute stuff online, so I threw together a gift list of cuteness. Not necessarily for myself, although, I’d be entirely thankful for anything on this list, but to spark some ideas for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa gifts for someone special in your life!

1. I love Etsy and their sellers who create amazing handmade things. I found this seller (vol25) through Young House Love and just loved this print. Perfect for newlyweds!

2. Red nail polish from Sephora. I usually don’t get manicures simply because they get messed up in <24 hours, but I do love a pedicure that involves sassy red polish!

3. I’ve never tried Hope in a Jar by Philosophy on Sephora, but I like it’s name. I’ve tried other Philosophy products, so I’m thinking this is right on par.

4. Funky and quirky and graphic prints make my day. I also found this one on Etsy from EruptPrints.

5. Glee Volume 4. Enough said. I also heard there’s a Christmas Album. Christmas music + Glee = awesome!

6. Fuchsia pea coat. So I’m in need of a proper coat. Somehow, I’ve gotten this far in life without one. In France, I had what I called my “Siberia” coat which was perfect for extra windy days and the occasional snowfall. However, it’s a little too heavy/bulky for here.

7. Paloma’s Nest ring bearer bowls, available on this holiday season! I had the pleasure of meeting Caroline earlier this year, and I can tell you that she takes care of each and every piece, and makes sure you have an heirloom to enjoy for years. I seriously need to get myself one of these.

8. I was looking around on Crate & Barrel, and I found this chocolatiere – perfect for hot chocolate! I know lots of people in my life who are not fans of coffee, but I know they like their hot cocoa.

9. Yes, a power drill. A Ryobi cordless drill from Home Depot. Everyone could use a new power tool in their life. Especially when I read Ana White’s blog, Knock Off Wood. It makes me want to go by lumber. Every. Day.

10. So this is the cutest cake topper. Ever. And I would totally get this regardless of a wedding. This cute set is from Red Light Studio on Etsy.

11. Lip Gloss. It’s something I mean to have in my purse, but never do. And now that it’s getting colder, lips are getting chappier. (Hmm, I don’t think that’s a word, but I’m making it up). This one is from Bare Escentuals on Sephora.

12. And who wouldn’t love Santa’s Elves Cookie Mix on Crate & Barrel? I know I would! It would make a perfect hostess gift for someone who loves baking.

Happy December!

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  • Reply Faye 12.01.2010 at 1:20 pm

    I love Hope in a Jar! Although I thought it smelled like bird poop, hahaha.

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