Who’s the Boss? and the World Series


I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a fan of baseball.

I must have been in fourth grade when first became aware of baseball and the World Series. Everyday after school I had a routine. If my mom was off from work, she’d pick me up from school. I’d have some sort of after school snack, and then plop down to watch some TV and do homework. Yes, I was one of those kids who did their homework in front of the television. Since I was at the top of my class and got excellent grades, my parents couldn’t tell me the TV was rotting my brain.

If I didn’t have ballet class that day, at 5:00pm, Fox broadcast two episodes of Saved by the Bell, where I got my fill of Zack Morris, A.C. Slater, and Screech and their wacky antics. And then, at 6:00pm, I’d watch Who’s the Boss? and wish I had hair like Samantha Micelli and watch the banter between Tony and Angela.

But this one day in October, neither Saved by the Bell nor Who’s the Boss? was on TV. It was baseball. And not just baseball, but the World Series.

This is the memory I recall whenever the World Series rolls around every year.

But this year was different. No, I didn’t suddenly fall in love with the sport. However, the two teams represented my new home (Texas Rangers) and my old home (San Francisco Giants), and I since I’m not into baseball, I didn’t have to worry about taking sides. I was going to be Switzerland. Neutral. But I still kinda had to pick a team. Sort of. I just refrained from saying anything because who knows what would happen to a native Californian walking into a room of Rangers fans?!

After last night, I can proudly say, “Go Giants!” As a native Californian, I’m happy for all my friends who do love baseball. I’ve only been to two baseball games, both Giants games. And while I was definitely more into the food and conversation than the game, I can’t help but cheer on my home state. Yes, even after the fact.

Happy Tuesday!

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