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So secretly, I’ve had this dream of being a food photographer. Not for a big magazine. Not for a fancy blog. But for myself.

I scour food blogs all time time. And sit back in awe of not just the pretty food, but that the blogger made it (usually, anyway). And then, I’m all like, I WANNA MAKE THAT!

However, after working with food recently for a couple of photo shoots, I have serious respect for food photographers. It is not easy. And it’s even more difficult when you’re working with all real food (vs. artificial or filler products). Well, except the part where sampling is involved. That part it delicious. And makes it so worth getting that perfect shot.

photo of red velvet cupcake with pecan and cream cheese frosting catie ronquillo photography

Perhaps it’s my inner longing to be a crazy-good cook. One day. I mean, I can cook, but like, I require recipes, correct ingredients, and sometimes, supervision. But then I check out these blogs, and while yes, some of these bloggers are pro chefs, but some of them are self-taught. And that gives me hope. That one day, with lots of practice, I can be a crazy-good cook, too. And if not, I’ll take “girl who makes edible food, sometimes enjoyable, even.”

raspberry oatmeal bar and chocolate cake ball photo catie ronquillo photography

cream cheese filled strawberry photo catie ronquillo photography

mini macaroni and cheese in casserole photo catie ronquillo photography

*Note: I did not make any of the food in the photos above. But I did sample, and everything was delicious. Just in case you were wondering.

But, for the record, photographing people is still my first love. It’s kinda hard to interact with a plate of strawberries.

Some of my favorite food blogs include:

Happy Friday!

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    I understand you preferring to interact with people rather than fruit, but you did a really nice job on the strawberry shot! Nice work.

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