In years past, on Thanksgiving morning, my sister and I would wake up and park ourselves in front of the TV to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Our mom would start prepping the turkey and by two in the afternoon, the house would start smelling like Thanksgiving. As in turkey and stuffing. And then came the pie. Apple. Sometimes my mom’s epic banana meringue. Always delicious.

Last year, I spent Thanksgiving in Georgia with Cent’s family. It’s was a true smorgasbord! And there was the Mac and Cheese. And the Mac and Cheese incident. So this year, I resolved that my family would get some mmm mmm good macaroni and cheese. Even though my husband DOESN’T EAT CHEESE. We bought all the ingredients for the famous mac and cheese and I’ll be cooking it up. I also got up early this morning to start a Pumpkin Spice Cake. I’ve recently discovered that I like pumpkin baked goods, except pumpkin pie. It’s weird. Whatever.

And this year, I’m so thankful for Cent, our family, friends, and the roof over our heads and the food on our table. I’m thankful for a God who provides when we need it most. I’m thankful to spend the holidays around family sharing belly laughs over silly anecdotes (seriously, if only I could recreate the way my mom tells stories…), and just enjoying being together. Because that’s what the holidays are about. Spending time with loved ones and giving thanks for all that we have been given.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Oh! And because posts are that much better with a photo, here’s a sneak peek at a project that is in the works. It’s staying mysterious until the green light is given to show more!

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