Lethargic Thanks


Lethargy. It’s a weird word. To me at least. And it’s the word I would use to describe myself today. I caught my first cold of the year (not bad odds considering there are less than 40 days left in the year!), and generally, I’m moving along slowly.

Last week, while we were in California, I was kinda sick. How is one “kinda sick”? It goes a little something like this. A sore throat one day. Feeling fine the next. A bout of full body chills, and feeling some pep in my step the following day. Then the mini bursts of coughs. They don’t sounds like I have tuberculosis, but rather, an annoying tickle in the back of my throat. I blame my partial sickness on my mom. She’s had the cold. And like I told her, when I entered the house, I entered the “DEN OF GERMS.” Oh well. It was lovely being back in California!

My sister shot this one of us:

My sister made apple pie, YUM.

My mom made the turkey and my aunt and uncle hosted Thanksgiving for 22.

I made something. This is breaking news. Actually I made TWO things. Mac and cheese:

And a pumpkin spice cake:

Since we were altogether for the holidays, my mom wanted a family photo. Here’s one my uncle took.

And because it was too cute not to share, my sister with her beloved cat, Hercules.

I’m so thankful to have spent the holidays with my family, sharing laughs, excellent food, and wonderful time together. Until next time. I love you guys!

May your Cyber Monday be fruitful and lethargy-free!

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  • Reply Kathleen Burkhalter 11.29.2010 at 5:32 pm

    Beautiful pictures, Catie! Get well soon!

  • Reply Life with Kaishon 11.30.2010 at 2:42 pm

    Oh man! I hope your cold goes away soon. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I just got my first one of the year too. ICK! : (

    Your family is really adorable! I love their smiles. I really love their yummy dinner : ) And your sisters cat is too cute for words! Sweet!

    So nice to visit here today. I am visiting via Jasmine Star’s blog and your comment there today.

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