Happy Birthday Mom!


My mom sends me random text messages.

Sometimes, they just say, “Doing?” which is a shortened version of “What are you doing?” fashioned by my cousin, who at the time was about four.

Other times she sends iPhone photos of the pets. Here are Felix and Walter.

On Tuesday, she reminded me to vote.

This morning, she told me that one of her co-teachers is related to Billy Bob Thornton. I asked her if his name is Billy Joe. (I learned humor from my mom. And corniness from my dad).

So in honor of her birthday today, I sent her a video singing happy birthday. When I had barely woken up for the day. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you (and me) the embarrassment! Instead, a photo of my cute parents!

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and your text messages. Because even if we are far apart, you still manage to crack me up. Daily.

Happy Friday! See you guys in two weeks!

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