Our Sundays


The day of rest. Church day. The first day of a wedding photographer’s weekend. NFL game day. The one day to sleep in (sometimes not). The day to gear up for the following week. Our day to hang out, and be totally lazy.

Our Sundays are pretty simple.

And our Sundays during Football season go a little something like this…

We go to church (if we weren’t able to go Saturday evening). Otherwise, we sleep in.

We may run an errand or two, depending on what we need to get done, if anything.

Cent watches the various NFL games and monitors his fantasy teams. I usually sit on the other end of the couch, paying half attention to the game, reading a magazine, and occasionally ask questions. For example, yesterday, I asked him why the Eagles kept putting #31 on Kenny Britt of the Titans. Because, obviously, that wasn’t working. See, Cent, I PAY ATTENTION. Sometimes.

When I get my fill of NFL (usually 1 game + maybe a quarter of the next), I go watch some Netflix in the other room. Thanks to my epiphany (it happens on occasion) I suggested to Cent that we put the Wii in the bedroom so we can access Netflix through the TV, and I can not be totally bored when he watches NFL games. I’ve been watching Weeds from Showtime, and it shows you all the reasons never to get mixed up with drugs or dealers…

If I’m getting hungry, I’ll scope out dinner. Sometimes I use the Martha Stewart Everyday Food app for inspiration. I usually cook. We eat.

Then, by the time the Sunday Night Football game comes on, Cent relinquishes the big living room TV to me. Because thanks to the power of the Interwebz, he can watch the night game online. In his man cave. Then I get to watch my guilty Sunday night TV pleasures of Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters.

It’s a win-win situation.

Here’s to another busy week.

Happy Monday!

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  • Reply whitney elizabeth 10.28.2010 at 3:30 pm

    i love your sundays :) ps: i recently got to drive around most of the bay area and thought of you because that’s your old stomping grounds right?! :)

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