5 years.


It’s amazing how quickly time passes. Because it was five years ago that we met. It was five years ago that Cent asked me out. And while I actually missed the date by a few days, it’s probably around this day five years ago that we became official. But that’s okay. Because it’s the thought and the memory that counts.

Five years ago I would not have thought that we would be married. That I would be married.

The other night I said, “Thank you” to Cent. That we met. That we had a spark. That we’re now married and building a life together.

And I want to remember. Remember moments like this. Remember the milestones and the memories.

This is a photo from last weekend when Cent’s parents and brother were visiting and we went to the Cowboys Stadium. It makes me smile because it was taken in the way that all our early photos were taken: with Cent’s long arm for a self-portrait with the point & shoot.

And I’m pretty sure that Cent will ask my why I posted this picture of him.

Well, it’s because I posted this one of me. So we’re even. Duh.

Happy (Dating) Anniversary! Five years. It certainly hasn’t felt that long. Here’s to 50 times more years than that!

You can read our story I wrote last year here.

And for the record, Cent is a loyal Philadelphia Eagles and Donovan McNabb (even though he’s on the Red Skins now) fan. I am….well, still working on choosing a team.

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  • Reply Kathleen Burkhalter 09.27.2010 at 11:55 am

    That’s how you do it, a year at a time. And all that makes a beautiful long marriage.

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