No Wire Hangers, Except Maybe This One


While I’ve never seen “Mommie Dearest” in its entirety, there’s a famous quote where Joan Crawford flips out and yells “No wire hangers!!!” and proceeds to take out some serious aggression with said wire hanger.

Well, this is totally different.

If there’s one little piece of advice that I could give to brides, bridesmaids, or mothers of the bride, it would be to remember to bring a pretty hanger.

“What? A hanger? What’s the big deal?”

A hanger can make all the difference for photos of your dress. I’ve seen many brides who overlook this detail and only have a cheap plastic hanger (like the kind from department stores) or the dry cleaner-grade wire hanger (you know, with the paper) that came with their dress.

I was exploring Etsy (fabulous resource by the way!) and found a couple of cute (and yes, wire) options.

Photos from LilaFrances

Photo from FutureMrsRedford

And if you’re not into the wire hanger look, there are also wood hangers and padded ones.

Photo from KimGrantInk

Photo from ThePrettyPearl

I know that since this is a minor detail, it may not be a priority. But while you have some down time from wedding planning, check out Etsy, and you might just find the perfect hanger for your wedding day.

Happy Wednesday!

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