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I was never really one of those girls. The kind of girl that spent her days on the phone talking to her girlfriends.

I have a faint memory of talking on the phone in junior high, and for high school group projects, but rarely for pure girl talk. Of course, this was all pre-social media and ubiquitous cell phone minutes. You know, during the height of pagers and pager code. I never had one though.

Then, I studied abroad in France. And phone calls were expensive. And the time zone differences were crazy. And emails more accessible. However, every once in a while, with my trusty calling card, I would stand in a telephone booth (typically between 12 and 3am) and call my girl Krystle in California.

A short time later, I became one of those girls. The type that was on the phone every evening talking to her boyfriend. Long distance relationships will do that to you. Especially with a time zone or two separating us, we had a generally window of time in which we could catch up with each other. One time, we were on the phone for 9 hours. At the end of it I think my phone tried to spontaneously combust.

And now, since the dawn of Facebook, Twitter, and the iPhone, I’ve become more disconnected than ever. EVER. I hardly use the the phone to call anyone anymore. I find myself spending the most time on email, and my favorite iPhone apps, including Facebook, Twitter, and Words with Friends. (Yes, I’m totally a junkie. My username is “heyitscatie” if you wanna play!) I hardly use my phone for it’s original purpose.

However, my perspective got a wake up call (yes, pun intended) this week, and I have a new-found appreciation for talking on the phone. While I firmly believe that these types of chats are best had in person,  because I’m so far away from my family and friends from California, next best thing is the phone. This past week, I’ve had a couple of epic conversations on the phone and two special Skype video chats. (BTW, I love Skype!)

And it felt so nice. To catch up verbally and hear all the idiosyncrasies in a friend or family member’s voice. To listen to what is happening in life. To smile as good news is relayed.

How had I forgotten?! My new goal for the month is to make more phone calls and catch up with people in real-time instead of online.

Who do you need to catch up with on the phone? Call someone special. It may just brighten their day…and yours!

Happy Friday!

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And while writing this post, I totally thought of the Lady Gaga song, Telephone. So I looked up the video on YouTube, and it’s not exactly about talking on the phone. But it still made me think of it. And if you’re curious here’s the link to the music video Lady Gaga Telephone Video. It’s oh so Gaga.

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