Still Delicious a Year Later


Cake and I have this special relationship. Like I like to eat it. A lot. Even though I know I shouldn’t. At least not all the time.

So when it came to our wedding cake, and the tradition of saving the top tier for our first anniversary, I wanted to try it. Trust me, I was skeptical about eating year-old previously frozen wedding cake, but I told Cent, “If it sucks, we can just throw it away.”

My friend Elizabeth had ordered her wedding cake from Jen’s Cakes in San Jose, and she had raved about how good the cake was. It wasn’t just pretty. It tasted good. And when she told me that she had frozen her top tier and saved it for her first anniversary, and that it was still good, I was sold.

Jen’s Cakes did a fabulous job on our cakes. Our super cute Disney cake and our awesome Nintendo groom’s cake.

Disney Wedding Cake Blue Brown scrolling Mickey Minnie Topper

Nintendo Groom's Cake

What happened after the wedding is pretty much a blur. But my mom took care of the cake, with the directions that Jen’s Cakes provided. And she told me that she followed directions to the letter.

Then whoosh…(the sound of a year passing) and it’s our first anniversary. Our cake was actually stored in my parents’ deep freezer in California. Luckily, I took a trip to California for some portrait sessions, and was able to pick up the cake. The frozen block of cake. After making it back to Texas, I kept the cake in the refrigerator during the week to help it defrost more.

Sunday evening, I unwrapped the cake. This is what it looked like:

How to Save the Top tier of Wedding Cake Catie Ronquillo

This is where the cake topper stood.

I know, the cake looks like it’s been through a battlefield. And it kind of has. I mean, it was transported from California to Texas, stored in the overhead storage bins, kicked a little, and it’s still in one piece!

And in true form, we ordered Red Velvet for the top tier.

The buttercream frosting looks a little bruised, but once it defrosted and was closer to room temperature, it regained its creaminess.

And considering that this cake is a year old, (although kept frozen, of course), it was still delicious. It was even better than some “fresh” wedding cake I’ve had in the past. Pretty amazing!

How to Save and Freeze the Top Tier of your Wedding Cake:

(directions from Jen’s Cakes)

  1. Freeze top tier of cake for 24 hours.
  2. Take our of freezer and wrap with plastic wrap.
  3. Put in provided box and wrap box with plastic wrap.
  4. With a blow dryer, shrink the plastic wrap around the box.
  5. On the day before your 1-year anniversary, remove cake from freezer and discard plastic wrap while still frozen.
  6. Let thaw in refrigerator overnight.
  7. Enjoy on your First Anniversary.

Happy Tuesday!

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