Happy Mother’s Day!


One of the crummy things about not living in California anymore is that I don’t get to spend the smaller holidays with my family. Such as Mother’s Day. With the costs of airplane tickets (Dear Virgin America, I think you should start a Dallas-San Francisco route. Just sayin’) and limited days off for Cent, going to visit our families doesn’t come around quite so often.

However, I’m thankful for technologies like the iPhone, Skype, and of course email and Facebook. Because even though we’re 1700 miles and two hours time difference apart, we’re but a phone call or instant message away from communication.

And since both my parents are hip with the Facebook thing, my dad posted these old photos.

I just noticed that the one on the left is in front of the men’s room. I’m guessing at an airport?

I’m pretty sure that Cent and my family would agree that I still make these faces.

And my mom and I are always a little goofy together. Like at our wedding last summer. (Whoa, it’s almost been a year!)

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! You make me smile and laugh at all the right moments. Thanks for everything. I love you!

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  • Reply Regina Lynn 05.12.2010 at 7:26 am

    *one, two, three* AWWWWWWWWWWW! You wuz one cute baby! And now you look so much like your mom when she was young!

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