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If I wasn’t a wedding photographer, I probably would have become a marriage and family therapist.

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It was always something that I had considered when I was in college, but there was something in me that said that it wasn’t quite right. Almost as if there was a missing component when it came to becoming a counselor.

I was always the listener. The sounding board upon which my friends and family can bounce off ideas, let off some steam, or just talk about life. College roommates going through a breakup. My cousin pursuing music. Friends talking about the future. I like listening to everyone’s unique story.

In college, I majored in Communication and minored in Psychology. There is something so fascinating to me about people and relationships, and their style of communication. And truth be told, I didn’t major in Psychology because it involved taking more math and science than I wanted. So I went the liberal arts path.

And now, with wedding photography, and working closely with couples in love, I think it’s the perfect mesh of my college credentials and art. I love listening to the story of how the bride found her groom. Or how the groom pursued the bride until she finally agreed to go on that first date. And then watching the love language that unfolds between the two, and observing how they communicate, the little nuances, the playful smiles, and loving glances…I just love what I do!

I’m taking this idea to a whole new level with a brand new type of session, the Beloved session. I blogged about it briefly on Monday, and I’ll be sharing a whole post about what it is, and how you can take part.

Happy Friday!

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