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March 2010


Daylight Savings Zombie


I have a love/hate relationship with Daylight Savings time.

I love it because the days get longer and the creamy, golden light at sunset perfect for engagement sessions isn’t at 4pm. It’s no longer is dark by 4:30.

I hate it because I lose an hour of sleep. And one little hour can make a huge difference. I went to bed at 1am (but technically it was 2am) and woke up at 8:30am (but my body felt like it was 7:30am).

Sunday morning, I had an event to photograph and because of DST starting, I felt like a zombie. All. Day. Long.

Now if we could combine the gaining an hour of sleep of “Fall Back” and the light of “Spring Forward”, talk about a match made in heaven!

Of course, it probably didn’t help that I just returned from a week in Las Vegas that involved little sleep and serious mental overload of information.

So I’m hoping that by the end of this week, I’m back to my normal routine. Not feeling like a zombie.

How do you feel about Springing Forward?

I found this pretty photo of a Dahlia on Flickr by Eric in SF and just had to share. It totally says “Spring!” to me.

Pin Dahlia from Eric in SF on Flickr

On a side note, we’ve been getting gorgeous weather in Dallas lately. Would you like to schedule a session? I have limited availability for the rest of March!


Back from Vegas and ready to go


Bright lights.

Smoky casinos.

Expensive food.

Staying up late. Waking up early.

Hanging out in Sin City with 12,000+ photographers.

Las Vegas is always a whirlwind experience. While I had a great time at WPPI, I’m so glad to be at home with Cent. Sleeping in my own home. With access to healthy food.

And sometimes, I should listen to my own advice. Including bringing my own point and shoot camera…because I left my point and shoot battery in the charger. AT HOME. Sometimes, it just doesn’t pay to try and be efficient.

I’m really excited about some of things that I learned at the conference, and can’t wait to implement them for my clients.

I’m extra stoked that I got to meet and learn from the super soulful artist and experiential photographer, Jesh de Rox. He even gave me three high fives. Three! Even though his platform class was a 8am after a big party night, I was wide awake and engaged in his presentation.

I was lucky enough to make it into Jasmine Star‘s platform class. I think people started lining up about two hours before, and there was almost a riot. Seriously. I love her new promo video. So amazing.

I was torn about which Tuesday class to attend. I wanted to see Justin & Mary in action, but as soon as I approached the room, MGM staff announced that they were sold out. No surprise, they are a powerhouse couple. They also have an amazing new promo video. I. was. moved. So I went to Dane Sanders‘ talk and was rocked with his new talk. It was awesome.

I attended some of Showit‘s (makers of my website software) mini seminars and met some super friendly people.

However, the best part about WPPI was seeing friends from California and all over the country, and meeting online friends in person. So cool!

And because I’m lame, I have very few photos to show for it. But I will be blogging a fashion shoot we did in Old Downtown Las Vegas!

Happy weekend!


Dallas Photog Shootout: Part 2


For your viewing pleasure and to get a peek into what a Dallas Photog Shootout is all about, here are some more shots from the very first Dallas Photog Shootout at the Ryan Manor.

A little off-camera lighting thanks to Jason Huang of Table 4 Weddings.

Dallas Photog Shootout at the Ryan Manor by Catie Ronquillo

Some lovely posing by Heather Essian for our model Melissa, who is sporting the ultra cute hair fascinators by Ink and Button.

Dallas Photog Shootout at the Ryan Manor by Catie Ronquillo

Don’t you just feel swept back to the 50’s?

Dallas Photog Shootout at the Ryan Manor by Catie Ronquillo

Love this hat. I’m so glad we found it!

Dallas Photog Shootout at the Ryan Manor by Catie Ronquillo

And Cassie rocking it out in the cold. Seriously. It was like 40 degrees. Ok, Texas cold.

Dallas Photog Shootout at the Ryan Manor by Catie Ronquillo

Want more information about any future shootouts? Click here to sign up.

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Happy Birthday, Love!


Two weeks out of the year he gets to call me his P.O.T. Think P.Y.T. but replace “young” for it’s opposite that starts with an “O”.

That’s right, I married a younger man. By two whole weeks. And the weird thing is that we are exactly fourteen days apart.

And I’m in Las Vegas right now, nerding it up with fellow photographers, so I’m missing his actual birthday. But I’ve already given him his gift, and I surprised him this year too, SCORE! So we’ll be celebrating yet again when I get home in a few days. And he gets to play all the video games he wants on the flat screen.

Here’s Cent with his granny on our wedding day. LOVE that big grin.

I apologize in advance, if my scary/excited/celebrating face scares anyone.

(photos by Travis Hoehne)

Happy Birthday, Love! I love you and I’m thankful everyday that our paths crossed in Orlando, almost five years ago. Although I’m not with you on your birthday, it can be like old times catching up on the phone, since we are kind of out of practice these days. Can’t wait to get home to see your shining smile.


The Chair


We’ve been living in our house for about five months. And one of the fabulous things about our house is that I have an office. A space dedicated to my business and all my photography related stuff. So you know, I don’t leave it all over the living room.

Well, I only started using my office last week.

And we only put my desk together about four weeks ago.

While I’m not giving reasons about not using my office sooner, I am here to stress the importance of a good chair.

You see, after my desk was ready to go and became a landing spot for laptops, pens, and notebooks, I couldn’t work at it because I didn’t have a chair. And I wanted to stop having an excuse for not using my office. Because up until that point, I was using the living room as an office. And hunching over my new desk or kneeling on tiles didn’t seem like a very conducive way to work.

So I ventured out to one of my favorite stores, Target. I know, Target isn’t Office Chair Central, but I needed a chair, and while I’m saving up for a swanky, cushy office chair, I figured I could just do with a regular metal folding chair.

I started working in my office yesterday and after about an hour of editing, my butt cried, “Uncle!” and forced me to get up. Seriously, this metal chair is like sitting on the tile floor. Hard. And not butt friendly.

I should have at least purchased the padded metal folding chair. But at $9.99, what was I to expect?

The tag should have said, “Comfort not included.”

One day, I’ll have my chair.

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