Happy Birthday, Love!


Two weeks out of the year he gets to call me his P.O.T. Think P.Y.T. but replace “young” for it’s opposite that starts with an “O”.

That’s right, I married a younger man. By two whole weeks. And the weird thing is that we are exactly fourteen days apart.

And I’m in Las Vegas right now, nerding it up with fellow photographers, so I’m missing his actual birthday. But I’ve already given him his gift, and I surprised him this year too, SCORE! So we’ll be celebrating yet again when I get home in a few days. And he gets to play all the video games he wants on the flat screen.

Here’s Cent with his granny on our wedding day. LOVE that big grin.

I apologize in advance, if my scary/excited/celebrating face scares anyone.

(photos by Travis Hoehne)

Happy Birthday, Love! I love you and I’m thankful everyday that our paths crossed in Orlando, almost five years ago. Although I’m not with you on your birthday, it can be like old times catching up on the phone, since we are kind of out of practice these days. Can’t wait to get home to see your shining smile.

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  • Reply Regina Lynn 03.09.2010 at 12:40 pm

    Aw! Happy birthday, Cent!

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