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One holiday that Cent and I have been able to spend together for the last two years as well as this year is New Years. I remember the first New Year’s that we spent together was going into 2007. Cent told me that we couldn’t clean and that we had to eat specific foods. This was totally new to me. So on New Year’s Eve, we tidied his apartment and bought the ingredients for New Year’s Day dinner. In Southern tradition, a meal of collard greens, black-eyed peas and rice are prepared. The greens represent money and the black eyed peas and rice are for good luck in the coming year. We don’t clean on New Year’s Day so as not to sweep out the good luck and good fortune. So, while greens and I are not BFFs by any means, I still want to honor Cent’s traditions.

Same for this year. Above is a quick photo of our New Year’s Day 2010 dinner. And I think I ate an equivalent of 2 tablespoons of greens! Trust me, that’s progress.

Cent met some new traditions spending Christmas with my family. In my parents’ house, we traditionally go to Midnight Mass and then we open gifts when we get home. After taking a quick poll amongst my friends, I learned that most of my friends do what Cent and his family do – open one gift Christmas Eve and then open the rest on Christmas morning. Well, we roll differently.

What new traditions have you met with your significant other/fiance/spouse?

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  • Reply aimee hatcher 01.04.2010 at 5:25 pm

    ha! i can relate about the new tradition – black eyed peas! i shared with them about the coins in the pocket and the 12 fruits on the table filipino tradition :)

  • Reply Auntie Eewie 01.04.2010 at 9:30 pm

    hmmm… I have to say I’ve been eating home made tamales on Thanksgiving and Christmas for 7 years now going on eight. Frankie’s family is Chicano that means they’re Native California Mexicans from Stockton.

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