Found Internet, must blog.


I totally take Internet access for granted.

It’s become such a regular part of my life and routine that I forget about life pre-Internet.

My dad is always on the cutting edge of technology. Back in like 1993 before the Internet was the “Internet”, my dad had Mosaic running in our house. With a 14.4k modem. Do you even remember those? I had access to email on Eudora. And I remember loading simple HTML pages with pictures that would take AGES to load. In 1995 or so, when the cable modem was hardly fathomable by the ordinary person, we had cable modem access. And watched the “Dancing Baby” from Ally McBeal fame.

Basically, I’ve known/had access to the World Wide Web before I knew it was the Internet.

And now, I’m without. Cent and I are without Internet access at our house. And we’re feeling the effects of Internet withdrawal.

Yes, the Internet is kind of like a drug. I get my fix from surfing the web, reading blogs, and paying dreaded bills online. Without it, I start to twitch a little. And even with access from my iPhone, there are still things I can’t access or do. Like blog. Or play Scrabble on Facebook.

So how am I blogging today? This blog post is brought to you today thanks to Barnes & Noble free wifi. And a grande Caramel Brulee Latte. Mmmm. Gotta love the holiday favorites.

Here are my tips to getting Internet access, even when you don’t have it at home:

  • Starbucks – for the price of the cheapest drink ~ $1.50, you can hop online
  • Barnes & Noble – same deal as above, and you don’t have to log into anything
  • AT&T Internet or iPhone customer – if you have either, just use your user ID at an AT&T hotspot, free!
  • Public Library – A lot of libraries offer free wifi these days, check your local branch
  • Airport – If you happen to be traveling during the Holidays, Google is hooking some airports up!
  • Friend’s house – My friend Karyn invited me to her home Wednesday to use her Internet. Hit up a friend who works at home, they might enjoy your company!
  • Neighbor’s wifi – Okay, so this isn’t so kosher, but you can use your neighbor’s wifi if it isn’t locked. Or, if you’re friends with your neighbors you can ask if they let you use it. That’s probably the better option.

Photo by Mr Gilder on Flickr

Keep your fingers crossed. We should be hooked up with access once again on Monday.

Happy Friday!

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  • Reply Tamara 11.23.2009 at 5:30 pm

    When we were traveling through Europe we vowed not to use the 3G network on our iPhones in fear of major charges when we got home (which would have totally been the case). So we put the phone in airplane mode and had to rely solely on wi-fi. I’ll agree that you’ll start to get really good at learning all the free wi-fi spots. In Europe, there are a lot less than in the US. But we still managed to find some.

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