Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


My dad is pretty cool. We bond over talking about gadgets and technology. And movies. And we watch Lifetime’s Army Wives together. True story.

He’s pretty unassuming and low key, and yet incredibly loyal and always there when needed. And I think that’s what makes him so cool. When we were growing up, my dad volunteered to help out backstage for our ballet performances. After a while, he was invited to be a parent in the Party Scene of the Nutcracker. One of the teachers at Ballet Petit specifically requested to have my dad as a partner — everyone loves him! He video taped piano recitals and Christmas pageants. He was school board president at our little Catholic school. He’s been there for us, completely.

He’s weathered the storm of being laid off from the high tech world of Silicon Valley. In the interim he worked for Cirque du Soleil as an usher when Kooza was in San Jose. Finally, after a long journey of interviews and lame corporate excuses, my dad was offered a job in a completely new field. The cemetery. He’s a Family Services Counselor at Holy Angels/Holy Sepulchere Cemetery in Hayward. And he loves it. He’s no longer a corporate drone and each and every day he’s able to help out a mourning family in need or people who are planning a ahead. I’m proud that my dad wasn’t afraid to take the big leap into an unknown field. In a sense, he was pretty lucky to have been laid off when he was — at the beginning of the economic downturn — and that he was able to find a position when jobs were few and far between.

I’m thinking that with our wedding coming up in just three short weeks, we’re all going to be blubbering fools. In a good way. I know my dad is totally excited about the wedding, he’s already coming up with his speech. I need to get that on video!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! You’re the best!

Here’s a fun photo with 3D Glasses! :)


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