WPPI : The Experience Part 5, Final Installment


Let me just say, “What a whirlwind!” That’s what I feel WPPI was like. A completely new experience with so much learned, absorbed, observed, and tons of new ideas for my business and defining my shooting style. It was great! I would totally go again, even with how exhausted and  drained I felt. But it was the good kind!

And now that I’ve been once, I have a better idea of how to work the week. This time was mostly a shot in the dark, with suggestions from WPPI veterans. I would definitely plan my platform classes in a more orderly manner. I felt like my bandwith for classes was about one per day, but I think that was mostly because I overextended myself by volunteering and trying to do a little bit of everything. I also want to go to at least one organized group shoot. And note to self: if planning to attend a party, get there a little earlier before it gets too sweaty!

One thing that I really loved about WPPI was all the people I was able to meet. Friends from college, friends from California, friends from Facebook, friends from the [b] school, friends from OSP, and friends from Twitter. I was finally able to put names to faces and voices to names. Plus everyone is so nice, so friendly, and in a good mood, which just feels like such a refreshing environment from the limiting corporate world. I also ran into Jenna Cole also known as “That Wife” and “Mrs. Avocado” on WeddingBee. She was there with another fab photographer, Kelli Nicole.  I’m so excited to be among wonderful people in this industry, those who are willing to share ideas and foster growth. It’s amazing.

On the last day, Joe Photo gave the closing program – Get Focused! Target your Goals and Stop Procrastinating!

This was an awesome way to close out the week. Joe talked about how to drill down on our goals and make them happen when we got home. It’s easy to get home, get overwhelmed from all the information, and then give up. It’s a challenge to make a plan and take action. While I had heard some of the advice Joe was giving from other contexts and arenas, it was really great to hear it in a photographer-centered venue. It’s imperative to make goals if you plan on going anywhere. It’s even more important to blaze a path to make them happen. Thanks Joe Photo!

Before leaving the Bay Area for Vegas, I had the pleasure of meeting Riz Crescini who traveled all the way from Japan. We had dinner in San Mateo, where his sister lives, she was so nice too! It was great meeting them both so I’d have at least one familiar face in the sea of 12,000. Here we are with our Kenny Kim v3 shirts!

And I finally got to meet my [b] school and Facebook friend, Jessica Hanaumi from Seattle. It’s so fun to meet people that you’re already friends with, albeit virtually. Meeting in person is just another level!

I also finally met Jasmine Marie from San Diego. Turns out that she is good friends with Daniel and Vaness Galang, my buddies from college, as she is also a UCSD alum! Jasmine is literally one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met! We’ve been Twitter friends and Facebook friends for a little while, but it was great to make that connection in person. I borrowed this image from her blog, thanks!

That’s all folks. Until the next WPPI in 2010!

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  • Reply Jasmine Marie 03.20.2009 at 7:29 am

    It was SO nice to finally meet you!!! :) Can’t wait for 2010 too. I’m still having withdrawals!

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