WPPI: The Experience Part 4


Wednesday was crazy! I helped out at the Shootsac booth again and they had just received a new shipment of covers so the booth was seriously packed! Don’t get in the way of photographers and Shootsac covers!

Las Vegas - WPPI - shootsac booth

Las Vegas - WPPI - ShootSac Booth
This is just a little snippet of what the ShootSac booth was like. Nuts! Plus, they were giving out some super chic tote bags with the damask pattern on it. That bag is so sweet, it fit all my carry on stuff into it, INCLUDING my messenger bag, since I could only have 2 carry-on items. LOVE the bag!

Las Vegas - WPPI - Jessica Claire

In the midst of the frenzy, I was able to get a quick shot with Jessica Claire before she had to dash off to her presentation “Top 10”.

Las Vegas - WPPI - Becker

After getting that funny pic of [b]ecker with his pimp cup at the [b] party, I realized I didn’t have one with [b]. So here it is. Check out Becker’s blog and see if you can find my photo! Hint: it has the [b]-dazzled cup that Gene Higa made!

Las Vegas - WPPI - Christine Tremoulet

Here’s one of Christine Tremoulet, fab boudoir and wedding photographer based in Houston, and fellow “Single Ladies” parody fan! She is also an editor for the Photo Love Cat Blog, a fantastic resource for the photography business!

Let me just say that I was totally slacking on the picture taking. There were so many people who I didn’t get a picture with. Next year that will be a priority! How much was I slacking? I didn’t even get a pic with my super fantastic WPPI roomie, Alyssa Lang!

Wednesday night I also went shooting (with a camera of course) with my friends, Lisa Whalen and fantastic lighting assistant/husband, Andy Mark. We hired the stunning model, Jessica, who was also at the [b] school Neon Graveyard shoot. I’m still processing those, so that shoot will get it’s very own dedicated post!

Final recap coming next!

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  • Reply Hybrid Photography 03.03.2009 at 2:43 pm

    I can’t believe we didn’t get a picture together!!! There’s always next year :)

  • Reply Jenny Sun 03.05.2009 at 8:16 pm

    awww, you got to meet jessica and becker! how awesomely lucky!! 😀

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