Things I Love Thursday


So I just made up that title. But let’s do it.

Tonight we went to see Wicked. I LOOOOVE the theatre and musicals in particular. And Wicked just happens to be back in San Francisco again for the next several months! If you haven’t seen it, and you enjoy a good musical, well, prepare to have your socks KNOCKED OFF! It is seriously one of my favorite shows, if not my all time favorite. It is SO good. Plus Patty Duke (yes, from old school Nick@Nite reruns of the Patty Duke Show, and yes, that’s my reference) was Madame Morrible and Dee Dee from the Mickey Mouse Club (circa Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Keri Russell) was Nessarose aka the Wicked Witch of the East. AWESOME. Times infinity. *Toss, Toss*

In fact, tonight was the second time going to Wicked. My sister and I first saw it at the Pantages Theatre down in LA. That’s right, we went all the way down to LA for an afternoon of Wicked delight and a quick drive through Westwood for a Pizookie at BJ’s. I love those too. Pizookies are delicious and pure wonderful goodness. Especially if you have a sweet tooth.

Finally, I love that they are replaying the old school Cadbury Egg commercial from when I was a kid. When they have the bunny clucking like a chicken. Aww nostalgia! I’m not into the Cadbury Creme Eggs all that much, but seeing the commercial reminds me of Care Bears, kickball, and dyeing Easter Eggs.

Happy Thursday!

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  • Reply Alyssa Lang 03.27.2009 at 9:28 am

    haha! I had a series on my blog called “Things I Love Thursday” a few months ago, but I stopped it. I ran out of things to post about. hahaha

    I want to see Wicked soooo bad. Michelle’s seen it twice. Lucky. :(

  • Reply michele b 03.27.2009 at 9:51 am

    catie, i LOVE the new website. the turquoise background is AWESOME, and your photos are beautiful!
    i haven’t seen Wicked, but my daughter has been learning the songs on her own, since she LOVES to sing Broadway Showtunes (crazy 16 yr old).
    anyways, just wanted to leave some blog lovin’!

  • Reply Amanda 03.30.2009 at 8:40 pm

    Not into Creme Eggs? I think that counts as blasphemy seeing as how Creme Eggs are the most sacred part of Easter. Maybe not? Great post anyhow!

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