Serendipity and Heart Strings


No, not the movie. But maybe the dessert joint in Manhattan. Frozen hot chocolate, to die for!

Wait, back to the point. A few weeks ago my crazy talented cousin, Mercy, sent me a message, asking me for tips on following your bliss and chasing dreams. “Who me?” I thought to myself, “What do I really know?” Enough it seemed. Feeling totally flattered and rejuvenated by her kind words, I gave her a buzz on the drive home from a dinner with friends.

I then launched into a slightly manic onslaught of ideas and one-sided banter. Is one-sided banter even possible? Well, I’m saying that it is. Thinking that I had sufficiently rambled on at about 1am her time (she’s in NYC), I digressed and told her she could call me whenever.

Being the nightowl that she is, she returned my late night call at 2am her time. We had a fantastic conversation about making your intentions real and setting yourself down the road to making things happen. I told her something I learned from my photographer inspiration, Jasmine Star, from the Free to Succeed Tour last summer. “You’re either doing something, or you’re not. You’re either sitting on a chair or not sitting on a chair. You don’t try to sit on a chair.” So true. Simple, but worth many an evening of thought or rumination. Just do it. Nike had the right idea.

See, my dear cousin Mercy, is breaking into the music industry. Note: I didn’t say “is trying”. She’s doing it. She’s making strides in the coffeehouse/bar scene in Brooklyn, writing lyrics, crafting music, making it happen. Because she’s that type of person. She’s taking the reigns of her destiny and seeing it through. She makes instant friends with her abundantly welcoming personality and is all about helping others. While she wanted to know how all my photography life came together, and perhaps apply some principles to her journey into music, I told her that it’s making it about others. That little tidbit is from another inspirer – David Jay . I advised her to get involved in the artistic community – I do believe it’s HUGE in Brooklyn – and make friends. Who knows where that will lead! The possibilities are limitless.

Finally, I shared  something that has resonated crystal clearly in my life since last summer. When you are doing something (whether photography, music, underwater basket weaving, programming iPhone apps, etc) and you love it, and no matter how exhausted or worn out you are at the end of the day, but can’t wait to do it again, that’s a sign. It’s a sign that you should be doing it. Rocking it out. And even if you don’t think you’re very good, keep doing it and you’ll inevitably get better. Practice makes better.

Let me make this post a little more interesting with some photos.

Mercy the last time I saw her, July 2007. Far too long ago. She loved NYC so much, she moved there.

Us, Thanksgiving 2006, and the only photo I could find of us together.

And now New York is calling my name.  It’s tugging at my heart strings. Virgin America is making it affordable. And Mercy is hooking me up with a place to sleep and my fellow photographer friend Miguel has a friend who can hook it up with a ride to JFK. It seems as though the Universe is telling me to go. I’ll see you in April.

Check out her music here and Miguel’s photo work here.

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  • Reply faye 03.18.2009 at 11:27 am

    YES, that is exactly what my dad tells me– there is no such thing as try. you either do, or you don’t.

  • Reply Lisa 03.18.2009 at 12:11 pm

    Awesome post, Catie! I SERIOUSLY hope that you go. After all, serendipity strikes those who ACTIVELY seek their fortune…

  • Reply Jess 03.18.2009 at 2:31 pm

    drive? you totally don’t need to drive in nyc – subways are awesome, you better find the best pizza place and eat it- it’ll blow your mind :)

  • Reply Kathleen 03.18.2009 at 2:53 pm

    Love this post! Two of my favorite people, Godchild Catie and MyChild Mercy! Yay for youth, love, serendipity and the Great and Wonderful City!

  • Reply Amanda 03.19.2009 at 11:22 pm

    I love NYC! Go, go, go!! And driving in NYC may not be necessary, but it is way too much fun to be missed. Have an awesome time!

  • Reply Uncle Bud 03.20.2009 at 8:50 am

    Very wise, Catie. Your “can do / choose happiness” vibe is contagious. Here’s to the C&M Cousin Club and all of your dreams!

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